Icons & Images at Swann Auction Galleries

Ellis Island NY in 1909 by Lewis Hine – a modern(ish) 8×10 silver print made in the 1950s

Toronto. Lew Hine is one of my favourite photographers. This is Lot 22 of Sale 2436 at the Swann Auction Galleries on East 25th in New York City. The auction is on Feb 14, 2017 but you can preview the photographs and photo books from February 9th to noon on the 14th. See the online catalogue for dates and times or to even enter a bid.

Swann Auction Galleries send me an email notification of upcoming events and I often post those events which have  a photographic theme. This particular event offers many rather expensive items to whet your taste and expand your collection. For example, this silver 8×10 print of a famous Lewis Hine photograph, developed by someone in the 1950s – over a decade after the death of Hine – is estimated to go for some 6,000 to 9,000 US dollars!

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