The Buzzing Lights Project

Buzzing Lights – Tanja Tiziana

Toronto. Photographer Tanja Tiziana of our city has just completed her opus to the North American Neon Signs common over a half century ago. The book, “Buzzing Lights – The Fading Neon Landscape of North America” uses photographs to record the old neon business signs whose buzz, crackle, and flicker introduced cities to many of us.

Robert Everett-Green of Montreal discusses the “Signs of the Times” in the Globe and Mail  article last Saturday.  I was a teenager when I first went to Montreal. The flashing neon along streets downtown sang out places like the Capitol and Princess theatres, Dunn’s and Ben’s delicatessens, American Lounge and Harlem Nights night clubs, and many more stores and businesses in that magical time between dusk and late night.

The Montreal Movie Palaces, a book by the late Dane Lanken, lovingly recounts the marvels of the movie houses that formed part of Canada’s large cosmopolitan city. Dane spoke to us at the March 1999 meeting.

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