Everything Old is New Again

Fojo-EnlargerToronto. George Dunbar reminded me that the TPHS newsletter put out a few months back by our friends in Rochester mentioned this interesting site. The Fojo Shop has a new version of an enlarger, easel, app, darkroom light, and supplies.

The twist is that the app converts your smart phone photo images to a monotone (B&W) negative image.

You place the smart phone in the enlarger and focus and re-size the image. Snap your fingers and the enlarger goes out. Load the paper in the easel. Snap again and the enlarger comes on and auto times. Develop, Stop, Fix and Wash using a snap to set the timer at each step.

The link explains it all and has a Vimeo video to take you through the steps even if you have never processed a print before. And yes, you can also print a film negative!

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