Grab Your Phone – Take a Picture

CIAD. Bell Canada sent me a note on August 30th, 2016 suggesting I grab a phone or camera and take a picture (video). The picture/video must be taken September 10, 2016 and uploaded to CTV (see here for link and details). The submitted videos will be combined and shown on CTV as part of Canada Day next year.

It was interesting that we were advised to use our phone or alternatively a camera to take the picture/video. How times have changed. Not only will amateurs submit the footage, but they will most likely use a phone to do the job.

My little iPod Touch has both picture and video capability. The tiny lens is a 35mm equivalent. More and more I find myself using the camera for casual photos, uploads to messaging and emails, recording price data at a store, design details, etc.

As they say, “the best camera is the one in hand, not at home…”.


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