Daguerreian Society Quarterly

Daguerreian Society Quarterly 28-1

Daguerreian Society Quarterly 28-1

Toronto. Early this month Diane Filippi, Business Director, Daguerreian Society sent me a copy of the society’s quarterly 28-1 in pdf format.¬†Unfortunately the quarterly is presently a members-only publication.

The articles are of much interest and the cut lines emphasize the activities of our Photographic Canadiana editor, Bob Lansdale as the official photographer for the Daguerreian Society (some 600 members).

Our society does an exchange with the Daguerreian Society and a few of our members are members of both organizations.

Over the years we have had the honour of hearing presentations at our meetings from well known Daguerreians such as Mike Robinson of Toronto (past president of both societies), Matt Isenberg, and Grant Romer.  If you would like to see this issue of the quarterly, or the recently published Annual, please consider joining the Daguerreian Society.


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