Mirrors with Memory: Daguerreotypes from Library and Archives Canada

LAC Daguerreotype of Kate McDougall c1848

LAC Daguerreotype of Kate McDougall c1848 MIKAN 3192966

Toronto. Editor Bob Lansdale sent me a note recently announcing an interesting exhibit taking place in Ottawa this fall and winter at the National Gallery. The National Gallery has an arrangement to exhibit holdings of the Library and Archives Canada. The arrangement in general and this exhibit in particular are subject of a behind the scenes podcast you can hear or read at this Library and Archives Canada web site.

There is more material about daguerreotypes and this exhibit on the Discover Blog, which is the Library and Archives Canada blog.

The exhibit runs from September 5, 2015 through to February 28, 2016, so if you have a chance to visit between now and the end of next February, please do so (n.b. 2016 is a leap year so technically visit by the 28th of February).

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