250 Megapixels anyone?

canonmonstersensor-smToronto. Russ Forfar, owner of Kominek Camera Repair, sent me an email mentioning that Canon has announced a monster 250 megapixel sensor this month as reported on the AIP Scitation web site last week.

This sensor is a smallish size APS-H (smaller than a full 35mm frame but bigger than the Sony APS-C that I use). If you Google ‘Canon 250 megapixel sensor’ you will see that many digital sites such as PetaPixel also noted the new Canon sensor. Canon feels that its new sensor will be useful initially in surveillance work and perhaps later on to the photography industry.

You may wonder why an Historical site finds this interesting until you realize in a very short few decades such sensors will be common place making this indeed an historic event. Think of the Leica in 1924, when most professional cameras were massive beasts that remained competitive for the next half century or more… Rangefinders and 35mm SLR cameras eventually took over the professional field only to give way to digital cameras a few decades later.

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