Sam Vinegar – June 12, 2015

Sam Vinegar, June 2010

Sam Vinegar, June 2010

Detroit, MI. Eleven days ago on Friday, June the 12th,  a colourful gentleman in photography passed away. His son Abraham alerted Cindy Motzenbecker of the Michigan society who promptly alerted Bob Lansdale, editor of Photographic Canadiana and Bob contacted our executive as Sam was well known in the heyday of camera shows.

Here is the message from his son Abraham, who kindly provided these photos of Sam to me. Abraham is frequently here supporting our fairs:

It is with great sadness I am sending this. Sam Vinegar has passed this morning [June 13th]  at 3:12 am EST.

Sam was the founder of the Photorama Camera shows which have been run by his son, Abraham, in recent years.  As the owner of the Classic Camera photography shop in the Detroit area, Sam dealt in camera equipment as well as photographs, amassing items and collections from local people, celebrities and passersby.

He always had the coffee on and could talk your ear off if you ever stopped into his shop.  He is survived by his children… Shana And Abraham. They would love to hear any fond memories or stories that you might have to lighten their hearts. Please send to

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