Easier access to Newsletters

Drop down menu for the 2014 newsletters

Drop down menu for the 2014 newsletters

Toronto. Thank God for folks who take the trouble to keep me honest! Les Jones (a past president and program convenor extraordinaire) sent me a note that he noticed the 2014 newsletters seemed to have disappeared from the site.

I realized that after issue 13-3 I had decided the posts of each newsletter would be sufficient. Anyone wanting an earlier issue could simply use the site search box  at the upper right of most pages, or so I thought. Whoops. After thinking it over, I decided I would add the links to the NEWSLETTER menu item for the balance 2013 and newer Newsletters.

That way anyone can see newsletters by membership year and click on the desired link instead of doing a search for “Newsletter 14-1” or “14-1”, Easy Peasy. Thanks Les. Enjoy.

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