Newsletter 13-5

Toronto, October 14 2013. Well David’s latest opus has hit the emails Monday. We held the newsletter to get two important items. First, Dr Deepali Dewan’s changes to the review of her well received talk last month. We really appreciate her response on such short notice. Secondly we were able to add a few details on our special video this Wednesday. There is a bit more detail here on the web.

From left: Cover, Dr Deepali Dewan, Louise, Petzval lenses,PHSC Press release, Tom Bochsler at the fair, Polaroid 300.

From left: Cover13-5, Dr Deepali Dewan at last month’s talk, Our Louise Freyburger ¬†at last month’s estates auction, modern Petzval lenses for DSLRs, PHSC Press releases its very first title, Tom Bochsler will be at our fair this month, and finally from the ‘net includes the new/old Polaroid 300 instant film camera.

Dr Dewan’s talk was both very detailed and interesting. Mark Singer did the first draft of the report. David Bridge did the first edit while I added my two cents before we sent the article on to Dr Dewan for final correction and approval. You can down load and print or read this complete issue by clicking the above montage. Enjoy.

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