Looking at the New Sony

Bildschirmfoto2013-10-14um183137_zpse5a09ba2-smToronto, October 14, 2013. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. One of the blogs I frequently visit is “SonyAlphaRumours“. This site had been predicting a full frame digital from Sony in the NEX E-mount format for many months and expects to see the camera this month.

Images, courtesy of Digicame-info, show the two new Sony cameras and SonyAlphaRumours (SAR) has confirmed them to be authentic. The cameras are the A7 (24mpx sensor) and A7r (36mpx sensor) .

The icon above according to SAR is “an image comparison between the A7 and Leica M6 film camera. Made by Vaclav (Thanks!), it’s a photoshop workup”. In consumer cameras, I moved from Nikon to Sony because of the ergonomics, reliability and quality. And the Sony NEX-6 has a lens adaptor that lets me use my Leica lenses. They should fit on the A7 as well.

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