Movie Night: The Magical Movie Machines

20101017-122854-DSC00754-smNEXT TORONTO MEETING: Wed, October 16, 2013.
MOVIE NIGHT: The Magical Movie Machines.

We have a treat tonight. This is a rare old video tape called “Hooked on History – The Magical Movie Machines“. It is a  45 minute video that traces the old  machines from pre-cinema up to the 1930s. The video was produced by Peter Kuehn of California in his spare time and includes a few very rare film clips. Click “Continue reading” for Peter’s background.  NB. I took the thumbnail through one of Robert Gutteridge’s antique movie machines three years ago (2010) at our fall fair

The public is welcome. Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

Peter Kuehn – Award Winning Cinematography P.O. Box 5269. Ventura, CA 93005

Peter Kuehn graduated from the Columbia School of Broadcasting in 1970. His love for the ocean drove him to experiment with underwater cinematography in the late ’70s. Now he is a PADI certified Master Scuba Instructor having accumulated over 4,000 dives world wide, he has hundreds of hours of underwater footage. Peter has been working in Television Production since 1988. As a freelance cinematographer, he has produced hundreds of shows for the City of Ventura, documentaries for Historical Societies, talk shows, educational programs for broadcast on Cable TV, and a number of award winning underwater documentaries.

He is credited for a score of long running TV series such as: “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (50 plus episodes), “The Ray Russum show” (250 episodes), “TV Ministries” (150 episodes), “Council Update” (429 episodes), “How it Works” (29 episodes), “Deborah’s Garden” (60 episodes), “Ventura’s Environment” (over 7 years of shows), “Citizens Alert” (60 episodes), and “The Dr. Lee Show” (33 episodes).

“Citizens Alert” was Ventura’s first interactive crime show combining Neighborhood Watch, Wanted Lists, Scams and other law enforcement programs under one show on television, where people could inform themselves of current crimes and call in live to communicate their observations with police officers.

In his spare time Peter Kuehn would produce numerous commercials, infomercials, promos and ads for a variety of clients. Also he would produce, direct and edit special interest videos, one of which, “The Magical Movie Machines” traced the history from the first “moving” pictures to cameras of the 1930’s.

Working as an independent cinematographer has allowed Peter the freedom to work on a variety of diverse projects. The direct result – he brings a wealth of experience to any production.



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