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Part A on Lanterns

Toronto. Since the lockdown reaction to COVID-19 in March of this year, we have had to cancel or defer all PHSC in the flesh activities. Inspired by our editor, Bob Lansdale, a few of the executive team including Bob, pulled together and released/will release a number of special pdf packages exclusively for members.

The most recent one titled, “ALL ABOUT LANTERN SLIDE PROJECTORS (PART A)” was sent out Friday to all current members with an email address. If you did NOT get a copy, please email me at info@phsc.ca and I will send you a copy after verification of your membership. Not YET a member? Grab your plastic and register via PayPal on the upper right of this page!

NB. The title of this post is a riff off a line from Robbie Robertson‘s song, “The Weight“. Robertson wrote the song in 1968 after he formed a group called simply, “The Band“. ┬áI bought the first album by the Band called “Music from Big Pink” many years ago. At one point, ┬áRobertson headlined concerts for Bob Dylan. Their final concert was in San Francisco, and was featured in a movie called, “The Last Waltz”. Robertson was born near Brampton and now lives here in Toronto. I saw him down at Indigo on Bloor a few years ago with Leonard Cohen. You can learn more from a documentary on the Band and Robertson featured recently by the CBC.

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