KISS Photography

Simplicity of the Polaroid

Toronto. Photography in the terms of cameras followed the Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS) philosophy for decades from the very beginning.  A box in a box served to adjust focus before bellows and threaded tubes came along. A ground glass served as a focussing screen   – no need for special view finders. A hat or lens cap served as a shutter for many decades. No stops or waterhouse stops were used long before the complex aperture mechanisms arrived.

To take advantage of this history of simplicity, Polaroid compared the simplicity of using their sophisticated camera to using a simple box camera. No mention of the expensive film or one-off prints the cameras made; just simplicity and results in 10 seconds!

A tip of the hat to PHSC member George Dunbar for  this lovely old May 12, 1961 advertisement from LIFE magazine (pp106-7).

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