You Oughta Be in Pictures …

LIFE ad for Fairchild Cinephonic 8mm movie camera c1961

Toronto. … as Rudy Vallee sang in the 1934 song of the same name. Just about a quarter decade later, Fairchild promoted its Cinephonic 8mm sound movie camera by advertising a Warner Brothers screen test for Hollywood talent!

The ad touted, “Get your friends or family to help you make your Cinephonic ‘screen test.’ They’ll have as much fun filming it as you have acting in it.”

It was totally unlikely any 8mm movie camera of the era could even compete with the 35mm professional cameras of the day, but it was great fun to promote the Cinephonic and Warner’s stars like Connie Stevens, Sharon Hugueny, Diane McBain and Troy Donahue in the latest Warner Bros film called Parrish.

My thanks to George Dunbar once again for alerting me about this May 5, 1961 ad in LIFE (p19)  for the short lived Fairchild Cinephonic camera. I did a post last month on  the earlier turret model. This model uses an early zoom lens – an expensive lens for an expensive camera).

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