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CBC News feature on Film Recovery International in Sask

Toronto. PHSC member Jim Hall, over in Guelph. Sent Bob Lansdale this note which Bob passed on to me.

Jim writes, “PHSC Guelph member Jim Hall here. Thanks for your email, I came across this CBC article on a guy doing old film developing, thought it may be of interest to your readers.”

It is indeed of interest to anyone who uses the old film cameras these days. Bryan Eneas writes in his CBC News column about Saskatchewan film processor Greg Miller who processes old films in Indian Head, SK under the banner of Film Rescue International  (FRI).

If you like the mood of the analogue technology as it is called today, have a read. Greg just may be the help you need! I did a couple of earlier posts on film rescue but this is the first post on Greg Miller and the Indian Head, SK operation. (NB. George Dunbar mentioned that Maclean’s for Feb 2020 has more information on FRI in Saskatchewan.)

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