pro baseball expert says …

LIFE touts Kodacolor
via Mickey Mantle

Toronto. There is an old truism that an expert in one field is no expert in another. ┬áThat didn’t stop professional baseball player Mickey Mantle from touting Kodacolor and his Brownie as able to take professional photographs without practice… You are just more fodder for Barnum if you believe Mantle and Kodak.

Thanks to George Dunbar, a true photography professional, for passing along this May 25, 1959 LIFE magazine ad (p 55) for Kodak cameras and Kodacolor film. Hard to imagine even a thirsty ball player like Mantle using a cheap camera worth what to him would be chump change. And to suggest such quality shots without practice when he knows even professional ball players have to practice daily to keep up their game!

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