Cindy exhibits at the VAG

Cindy Sherman – untitled #92 (at MOMA in NYC)

Toronto. last Saturday’s Mop and Pail (Globe and Mail) has a detailed article on the most recent exhibition of Cindy Sherman’s work at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The exhibition opened last Saturday (October 26th) and runs until next March.

Cindy is often connected with the origin of the selfie before smartphones since she takes portraits of herself in various costumes (she denies her work is selfies). I heard about the American photographer Cindy Sherman some years earlier perhaps at a PHSC speaker program. This was back when she created famous movie scenes with herself as the actor and photographed the scene,

At our January 2008 meeting we heard from Rafael Goldchain who at the time had shifted photographic education at Sheridan College into the digital era. He too took “selfies” while in costume.

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