Bolex? Bollocks!

Bolex advertises in LIFE magazine to its American audience in late 1957

Toronto. Bolex from Paillard of Switzerland, was indeed the preeminent movie camera maker for 16mm and later 8mm cameras, but this spread (pp58-60) in the December 2, 1957 LIFE magazine sucks since it lists ONLY American dealers in spite of the magazine being distributed world wide. What chance did our camera shops have with Paillard touting ONLY American shops in this ad?

LIFE should have insisted on the ad listing ALL North American dealers and referencing other countries in less detail. Bollocks indeed!

I don’t mind LIFE ads in general especially since many of my ancestors and relatives lived/live in the states. At one time it was an easier border crossing than today with such a high level of paranoia (especially since 9/11 and the recent election of its current president). There are many things American to be admired. This camera ad is not one of them.

Regardless of my curmudgeonesque reaction, I do thank George Dunbar for telling me about his continuing finds in the historic pages of LIFE magazine.

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