coat-tail advertising

Spartus and GE in a LIFE magazine ad, November 1956

Toronto. Modern day advertisers “sponsor” athletes, movies etc. and join them in advertisements. Well known athletes at the top of their game promote sporting gear implying that using gear by that company will enhance your chances of winning too.

Mid last century, importers and camera makers wanted to promote their products. What better way than to join another well known company with one of the most popular amateur photographers’ accessories – a flash bulb. To this end Spartus, made by the Herold Products Co. of Chicago, touted all their cameras as ready for the “new GE POWERMITE [flash] bulbs“. Typical is the Spartus ad on page 142 of the November 12, 1956 issue of LIFE magazine, all ready for Christmas giving (the ad even repeats the GE line “This flash picture stuff is a cinch!“).

Spartus cameras were also included in gift kits at “$9.95 to $34.95” in US dollars. Power Mite (or PowerMite) was a GE trademark applied to sleeves of M5, M3, or M2 flashbulbs with or without the colour film coating of blue or amber.

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