stuck in the middle

c1930s, two photographers with 5×7 Speed Graphics from Laurent De Miollis.

Toronto. Over the time from 1839 until today, still cameras have become smaller and the media faster. When dry plates became readily available, shutters became a necessity. Combined with aperture settings, shutters and diaphragms gave the right amount of light for correct exposure of dry plates and eventually film.

The title of this post “stuck in the middle with you” is from a 2004  song popularized by the UK all girl band “Clea“.

Ken Metcalf down in North Carolina has just released the second newsletter of the Graflex Journal for this year. And like the song, Graflex collectors source cameras smaller than those used in the pre-dry plate era but far larger than the minicams, sub-miniatures, and digital cameras that came after the Graflex and Graphic cameras of the 1920s – 1940s. The vastly popular Graflex and Graphics where the primary tools of press photographers in the era of 5×7 and 4×5 films and plates.

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