lookin’ for Llewellyn

1913 ad for retouching desk

Toronto. On June 17th, Kay McGinnis wrote me searching for information on Llewellyn Abbott, or more precisely our articles on his photo studio employers in the big smoke. I sent Kay copies as asked and sent her request on to our editor, Bob Lansdale, who is keen on the history of Canadian photographers and studios.

Kay later received a pdf copy of our journal with Ev Roseborough’s article on retouching. As Kay explained, Abbott was listed in Might’s city directory as both a photographer and a retoucher. Abbott spent a decade as a retoucher for Chas Aylett who was well known for his quality portraits of famous people.

She posted the story of Llewellyn Abbot on her blog “McRoberts Avenue” as 25 McRoberts Avenue. Kay wrote a well researched article on Abbott from his early days in Meaford Ontario as a photographer through his various positions here in Toronto before, during, and after the second world war.

She would welcome any additional details and photos of Llewellyn Abbott. Drop me a note or contact Kay via her blog.

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