remember Kodachrome?

Arrow Sports Shirts in Kodachrome Hues

Toronto. It’s been a decade now since Kodak shut down the Kodachrome film line and nearly nine years since the last Kodachrome processing facility closed. ┬áIn its glory days, people used Kodachrome for their best work. It was contrasty, slow, famous for enhancing some colours and for its time stability. Over a half century since they were used and my Kodachrome slides still have a decent colour rendering.

In 1956, Arrow shirts capitalized on the popularity of Kodachrome by offering a line of casual shirts all in “Kodachrome” hues! Thanks to my good friend George Dunbar for sourcing the above May 28, 1956 Arrow Casual Wear ad in LIFE magazine (pp92-93).

Nowadays we automatically expect colour accuracy in our photographs, but back then you chose a particular slide film for its emphasis of reds or greens or blues, etc.

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