a different look at street photography

Toronto. My good friend George Dunbar diligently searches for photographic items on the internet. This time he came up with a doozy. We usually think of street photography in terms of photographers capturing people as they walk along a thoroughfare and selling them a print as a memento.

In this case, it is photographs of streets in different cities. One scene was selected for each year of photography from 1839 to 2019 – although the first daguerreotype photograph is dated 1838 and was the subject of a talk at the PHSC ┬áby the late George Gilbert in October, 1995.

The earlier photographs are black & white; the later ones in colour. The bridge is a series of colourized photos and perhaps early colour processes. The most recent photos are most likely digital.

The photos are gathered in sequence in a video with a sound track. The city, year, and if known, the street name are clearly shown. Take a few minutes and view this intriguing video courtesy of the Open Culture website.


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