medical photography

Left c1985 post op x-ray of a partial nephrectomy. Right c2019 pre op x-ray of hip joint surgery

Toronto. With media speed improvements, photography became a tool as well as an art. Many industries employed the technology to provide diagnosis, records, and text books.

Nevertheless, one of the earliest examples was a daguerreotype taken in an operating theatre in Boston in the 1840s showing ether being applied to a pre-surgery patient. For us simple folk, x-rays – usually dental – are the most common. ┬áIn fact Kodak made film of many sizes just for x-ray use. Modern day practice significantly reduces the amount of x-ray energy required to make a usable image. My dentist uses digital technology making sharp computer images almost instantly with a far lower dosage of radiation.

As cameras evolved, many doctors chose to use photography in their every-day practice of medicine whether eyes, feet, hands, skin, or any other specialty.


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