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Words, Words, Words

Toronto. I put our first website online over two decades ago on April, 1996. A few years ago, in 2006 or 7, I began an investigation of means to simplify maintenance and updates to our web site so it would be an easier task to transfer responsibilities to a new person. I began looking at various public domain content management systems (CMS) that would allow posts and pages to be written and automatically search them and sort them in chronological order.

While many CMSs were tried out, I settled on WordPress since it had a large following and was easy to use unlike some others that were comprehensible only if you had deep computer knowledge. And in August 2008 I moved us over to WordPress. I created the heading image in Photoshop and I used a WordPress template with a right side bar as a standard. Since WordPress was written in a scripting language, it was also easy to fine tune its look without deep diving into the language.

In 2017, Apple announced it would soon stop support of 32 bit programs, delegating them to the dustbin of history where they could join and reminisce with old 8 and 16 bit applications. Unfortunately, Adobe had joined the move to a subscription business plan leaving most of their programs 32 bit unless you bought their subscription. Only Photoshop and Lightroom were 64 bit in the pre-subscription version, but they were no longer updated.

Sadly, Photoshop CS5 had some issues under the newer macOS system unless you bought the newer Photoshop versions by subscription. However, unless you made heavy commercial use of the Adobe suite of programs, subscriptions were simply too expensive. Planning ahead, I bought a few alternatives to Photoshop like Affinity ¬†Photo, and Raw Power. And I decided a public domain program called FileZilla and a free version of BBedit could offset Adobe’s Dreamweaver which remains in 32 bit code unless you subscribe to the newer versions. WordPress has a simple built-in editor. You can modify images with Affinity Photo and drag and drop them into a WordPress page or post.

If functions like the slide show I use for auction scenes and lots requires a folder or directory, You can create them on your desktop system and use BBedit to write any HTML file needed. The files and folders can then be easily uploaded with the free FileZilla via file transfer protocol (FTP) or secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).

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