Photo News Spring 2019

Photo News Spring 2019

Toronto. As I opened the Globe last Wednesday at breakfast, to my delight the latest issue of Photo News appeared! This Spring 2019 issue features a ton of animal shots as it specializes on Safaris.

One equipment article however, caught my eye. It was Peter Burian‘s special report on the Mirrorless Revolution beginning on page 38.  I am on my third mirrorless camera and I certainly see that there is no need at all for the mirror of the DSLR any more. The present day electronic viewfinder to me is an excellent alternative to TTL viewing.

Even the acronym has changed. Mirrorless cameras are now called CSCs – Compact System Cameras. This article is devoted to all mirrorless cameras, but emphasizes the virtues of the bigger full frame (24×36) sensors which have less noise and higher resolution.

Gorgeous photographs on high quality paper, great articles – and free as well! Hard to beat.  Editor Norm Rosen has another winner on his hands proving once again the benefits of his business model. Photo News is a far cry from the Canadian photography magazines of yesteryear which struggled to make a profit.

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