our February 2019 PHSC News

Mitchell Movie Camera BNC

Toronto. Another great newsletter has been wrapped up in a ribbon this week. Editor Pushchak has filled this issue with many delights.

She begins with Broken Rules – the so called Motion Picture Production Code or MPPC that defined our Hollywood movies when I was a kid and a movie goer. On PHSC Presents we see a sample of February speaker Erin Levitsky’s talk on LIFE photographer Nina Leen.

As this is Black History Month, we have an article on Black Hollywood. In the Equipment Review, David Bridge compares film point and shoot cameras by Nikon and Canon before the digital era took hold. John Morden’s Light Me Up covers a unique flash gun and its risks.

And there are posters, (live) Web Links in Louise Freyburger’s popular column, a tale of corsets in the Dot Asks Vi column, and for wrap up, The Classifieds page.

Go for it! Click here or on the above Mitchell Camera icon.


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