in a minute? why so long?

Ad for Polaroid (p 5)
LIFE Sep 27, 1954 issue

Toronto. In the 1950s, the Polaroid cameras were a revolution in photography. Take a shot (always so great in ads) and in a minute you could see the result in crisp black and white luminance values. Passé today with the instantaneous full colour result on a smartphone or professional DSLR, but back then it was revolutionary when traditional photography meant waiting days or weeks to see if you managed to capture the moment.

Once again my friend George has unearthed a charming black and white ad in LIFE magazine for the 1954 model of the amazing Polaroid camera. If you long for the day of pictures in a minute, our friends over at Lomogaphy have just the camera for you, using the Fuji Instax film (but in full colour).

By the way, pp 63-64 celebrates Marilyn Bell’s swim across Lake Ontario. A year later our editor Bob Lansdale recorded Marilyn starting her crossing of the English Channel in France and her landing near the white cliffs of Dover! Bob’s eldest son recorded the event and posted it in detail to Facebook.

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