directory of Massachusetts photographers 1839 – 1900

1870s Drug Store in Mass. by Chas. W Briggs

Toronto. Ron Polito via Bob Lansdale suggested this link to his “Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839 – 1900” as an addition to our Research menu item which is currently in design mode.

Meantime, take a look at the work of Ron and Chris Steele. The images have been removed to preserve copyright, but many are available online as well on the same site (just click on the desired decade). If you have an interest in the history of our wonderful art, have a browse!

The image at the top left  is an example of material in the directory. It is a print of a c1870s Drug Store taken by Charles Wells Briggs, contributed by Briggs’ great great grand daughter, Priscilla O’Neill. The site is the Open Archives hosted by the University of Massachusetts and merits an evening of browsing all materials posted!

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