lighting the way

GE Flashbulb Ad in LIFE
September 6, 1954

Toronto. Tom Edison’s company got into the blossoming flashbulb era of the 1950s and 60s as shown in a September 6, 1954 LIFE magazine two page spread (pp30, 31). One of our society’s presidents and founders, the lateĀ Larry Boccioletti, shown here by editor Bob Lansdale, sold flashbulbs long after they became an anecdote to photographic history.

When Larry shuffled off this “mortal coil”, the summer of 2004, I did a post on this site mentioning his flash bulbs. For those of us who discovered photography after electronic flash and then digital/smartphones became common place, the flash bulb is indeed a novelty from ages past. The bulbs gave a single shot of blinding light flooding darkness with brilliance and heavy shadows.

Thanks to my good friend George Dunbar once again for discovering this old advertisement from when slow ASA (ISO) media made an alternative means of illumination so full of promise.

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