stereo on a shoestring

Coronet 3-D camera ad c 1953

Toronto. In the early 1950s when the American camera industry was trying to retain the momentum it gained during the war, stereo gained its periodic rise in popularity once again. One company that used the rise in stereo was the British company called Coronet.

Like many companies, it’s products were imported in America by a New York City firm, The 3-D Coronet was imported by the long defunct 3-D Camera Corporation in the big apple. This plastic marvel was basically a dual lens box camera made by a British firm specializing in cheap cameras used in various promotions. For under $20 American you could have a camera, flash, stereo viewer, and case. The single speed, fixed focus camera used 127 film to capture 4 stereo views per roll.

My thanks to George Dunbar for spotting this gem in his currently favourite hunting ground – old issues of LIFE magazine, in this case the November 30, 1953 issue now 65 years old.


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