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Press Photographer – George Goodman in LIFE

Toronto. The old LIFE magazine had a column titled “speaking of pictures”. In its June 22, 1953 edition, LIFE presented would-be photographer George Goodman in this column. Goodman’s claim to fame was the marvellous series of skits he shot portraying various categories of photographer.

For example, the Press photographer at left was patterned on Weegee (Arthur Felig), a well known character in NYC in the mid 1900s. You may recognize the others shown in his tongue in cheek series in this issue beginning on page 12.

In the preamble Goodman says to his interviewer that he wants to be a magazine photographer. Perhaps it didn’t come about. I could find no mention of this particular Goodman.

Thanks once again to George Dunbar for his patience in sourcing articles and old photos of interest to our members.

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