a century ago

Toronto. A century ago the Great War in Europe was winding down. Many of my ancestors and those of my wife actively participated in the war. I can remember asking my grandfather Kelsey why he joined since he had a good job with the railway.

“It was easy”, he said. “My pay envelope had a notice printed on it, “Your country needs you more than we do”. And off he went to join the CEF. He was injured in Europe and while recovering in Surry he married and had his first daughter – my step-mother. His wife turned out to be a good snap-shooter with a simple Brownie camera. Emigrating with him in 1919, ¬†she photographed and annotated pictures of her growing family. I had the pleasure of having her album for a time before I passed it along to her grand daughter who is the family genealogist on her side of the family.

On Tuesday, November 6th, the Kensington Market Historical Society will host a talk entitled “100 Years Ago: Kensington Market & the Great War“.


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