all that glitters

Kodak Ad – May 4, 1953 issue of LIFE magazine

Toronto. Kodak was fond of using medals for various reasons, so we saw nothing unusual when a LIFE ad the spring of 1953  (pp68-69) used such a medallion to announce the 65th anniversary show of Kodak snapshot cameras (the first camera named Kodak was sold in 1888). Our editor dropped a note over to a member in Rochester who was both a Kodak retiree and a numismatic collector.

He offered, “No, I have never seen such a medal, and would certainly like to have one. I’m wondering IF they actually exist, or might just be an advertising graphic, produced for the magazine illustration?

“I have seen other advertising items that looked so genuine but were never actually produced in the real world.”

Thanks to George Dunbar for sourcing this ad; Bob Lansdale for contacting our member across the lake; and Nick Graver who offered his opinion on the validity of this particular medallion.

And as to the cameras, I have seen them all when new. The Brownie Hawkeye flash kit was a gift I used in high school so many years ago. The ad covers all three key items in the 1950s: black and white film, colour film, and flash. Before the second world war, both colour film and flash were very, very rare in amateur circles.

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