sayonara DSLR – II

the age of the mirrorless
comparing Nikon Z7 and D850

Toronto. Last month, I suggested the DSLR as a professional tool would disappear replaced by high end mirrorless cameras. And just recently, my opinion was strengthened by a review of two Nikon’s onĀ Steve’s Digicams site.

The review, by Josh LeBlanc, on September 29th compares the new Nikon Z7 mirrorless with the work horse Nikon D850. LeBlanc does suggest that the mirrorless Canon designs have better ergonomics than either Nikon or Sony designs. And while all three have excellent build quality, the weatherproofing of the Nikon gets the nod.

Two big pluses in LeBlanc’s opinion of Nikon’s mirrorless design are its weight – 1/3 lighter; and flexibility – any Nikon full frame lenses work on the N7!

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