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Diogenes Searches – Robert Ariail

Toronto. A couple of millennials ago, the Greek philosopher Diogenes was said to be searching for an honest man. An all too appropriate pursuit today. American editorial cartoonist Robert Ariail‘s ¬†drawing shown at left is dated February 13th, 2018. The full cartoon shows Diogenes searching for “a man who has never abused a woman”. And what would Ariail think about the Kavanaugh circus of this fall!

Regardless of the circus south of us, in this era of digital photography, Diogenes’s lantern would be very handy to search for users of film technology – and he would succeed as writer Salmaan Farooqui notes in Monday’s Globe, “As millennials take up film photography, darkrooms see a bright future ahead“.¬†The article uses our Downtown Camera store as a basis for the enthusiasm shown.

How timely is our fall fair! We are holding it this coming Sunday, October 14th, 2018. You can find lots of film era gear for the exposure of film, plus studio, darkroom, and more!

It’s worth a visit if you are part of the rebirth of film photography, a digital maven, or just want to add to your photography collection! There are bargains galore on the 14th.

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