have you read about the father of photography?

The Two Ways of Life – 1857 By Oscar Gustave Rejlander

Toronto. Browsing books on photography in the 70s and 80s you could find photos of someone in England called Oscar Rejlander (1813-1875). He was born in Sweden (hence his name) but lived most of his life in the UK. You can read about him on Wikipedia.

Due to his influence on the work of prominent British photographers and traditional artists of the era, he is known today as the father of photography (whether you ever heard of him or not).

And you can see an exhibit of his works at our National Gallery. The exhibit will run from October 19th, 2018 to February 3rd next year before heading down to the Getty in L.A. The reception is the night before it opens, at 6 to 8 pm the 18th in Ottawa.

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