PHSC News 18-03 for September, 2018

Vivex Tri-Plate colour camera c1936

Toronto. Another nifty page turner produced by our Sonja Pushchak. This delightful issue weighs in at 11 pages. The lead article on Cruise Queen ties in an early use of colour photos in commercial advertising with the illustration of a Vivex 3 plate colour camera.

Sonja’s  husband, John Morden,relates that, “The Vivex Tri-Colour camera held 3 glass plates behind filters of green, red and blue mounted on the two sides and top of the camera. This allowed the three negatives to be exposed simultaneously. Exposure required 50 seconds in full sunlight. A unit weighing six kilos, the Vivex was made from 1931 to 1939, after which the company closed due to war labour shortages.”

In the pre-Kodachome days, the tri-plate camera was the only way to get reasonably accurate colours and decent resolution for publication. Page 2 announces our speaker for this month. Following that are many gorgeous articles including David Bridge’s Equipment Review. I too once used Paterson tanks and the back-and-forth movement to wind the unprocessed negative strip into the reel. An earlier use of the FR tank used a outside-in loading of the reel and the cupped (crimped) ordeal to load 120 film strips and some times 35mm from the centre out causing some strip touching and developing issues.

We are introduced to a new team of flappers in “Ask Vi & Dot” who take over answering the mythical (and informative) questions. All the usual columns are included too. Just click the icon above or here for this issue


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