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Exakta Camera Brochure

Toronto. Camera makers offered many, many brochures to explain the virtues of their products to the common man. I have a few these days, mostly published by Ihagee, Leitz, Hasselblad (or their importers and distributors), or Kodak.

These brochures give a great historical lesson to the camera collector today. In The Ultimate Eye, Leitz in Rockleigh NJ stress  the precision and testing of all parts of their famous optics (the choice of  a Leitz Canada lens on the cover acknowledges the world renown lens designer Walther Mandler who emigrated to Midland, Ontario with the establishment of the Leitz factory there). Other brochures like the Leica M4-P cover each model and its features from a user’s point of view.

The whole gamut of Leitz lenses offered in 1969, including the Visoflex housing were marketed in a delightful little pocket sized brochure titled simply Leica Lenses.

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