exhibition of “Skins” by Manolo Chretien of France

Opalocka Dakota

Toronto. I often post the latest exhibition in the Galerie GADCOLLECTION in Paris, France. This time the Galerie is featuring Manolo Chrétien from July 5 through 31st. The gallery writes in part, “In his Aero series Manolo CHRÉTIEN puts sky on honor.

“It reflects on the aircrafts’ hulls, turning them into bright mirrors. The rivet holders and the fuselage draw lines that tend to abstraction, sometimes only a number or an inscription allow one to guess that it is an aircraft body.

“The reflection theme also shows through the materials used. Indeed, Manolo CHRÉTIEN prints his photos on aluminum plates, brushed and anodized, normally used to build planes. Thus, the prints also interact with the ambient light and change according to the spectator’s point of view.

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