early photography

Watkins Standard c 1890
actinometers for cameras and enlargers.

Toronto. PHSC co-founder John Linsky sent me an email the other day suggesting this excellent site for early photographic cameras and equipment. Early Photography as the site is named, is based in the UK and as such is weighted towards British and European gear.

The site spans a wide period of time from the 1850s to a century later, the 1950s.  Lots of photos of each category and descriptive text. Take a look!

The page on the Watkins Standard Actinometers is typical of the site with many illustrations, technical listings, and an essay on the family of actinometers that preceded the well known Watkins Bee (the Bee came to market in 1902 although the Standard continued to be sold for nearly two more decades).

I have a couple of Wynne’s Infallible meters, an 1893 competitor. And the Wynne’s Hunter model, first offered in 1914. The meters were fascinating to me as they seemed to be built into a pocket watch case. And where did I get such little marvels of historic times past? At our photographic-fairs, of course!

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