Newsletter PHSC News 18-2 (June 2018)

Underwater housing for
home movie camera.
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Toronto. Editor Pushchak has served up another tasty treat for readers of her well received PHSC News. The June 2018 edition was distributed  on Friday morning to all those who subscribe (want your own copy? just email me and ask!).

We start with a 1949 layout by the late Vogue photographer, Clifford Coffin. Page two as usual features the next PHSC speaker, in this case our very own Yvette Bessels talks about her experiences in a couple of UK makeover studios.

The equipment review covers early digital cameras, the Olympus  SP320 in particular. Web Links discovered three nifty sites: Dorothea Lange photos of the great depression (for the FSA); history of the QEW, Toronto’s famous 4 lane expressway built before the second world war and still busy, very busy today; and finally the US National Parks Service archives (the parks alone are beautiful).

We say good-bye to Ask Phinny in this issue with some thoughts on the ill-fated giant elephant called Jumbo. Click on the camera above or here to see these and all the articles and columns in this issue!

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