would you rather a Kodak 35 to a wet plate camera?

Kodak 35 RF Model
LIFE Oct 30, 1950 Ad

Toronto. In late October, 1950, LIFE magazine ran an ad for Seagram’s American version of  Gin called Ancient Bottle Gin. To promote it as a modern drink, the ad suggested you would more likely prefer a snappy modern Kodak 35 rangefinder camera capable of colour photographs to an old black and white slow speed wet-plate camera.

Today, the Kodak 35 rangefinder camera is worth about $20 at best while the wet plate camera, tripod, and brass lens – if you can find them – would be very valuable. Ironic. The Kodak 35 rangefinder camera was the American war-time answer to the German Leica and lasted from 1940-1951. It was a fixed lens camera with various f/3.5 Kodak lenses and shutters.

Thanks to George Dunbar for sourcing this lovely old advertisement. A step back in time indeed!

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