would you rather a Kodak 35 to a wet plate camera?

Kodak 35 RF Model
LIFE Oct 30, 1950 Ad

Toronto. In late October, 1950, LIFE magazine ran an ad for Seagram’s American version of ¬†Gin called Ancient Bottle Gin. To promote it as a modern drink, the ad suggested you would more likely prefer a snappy modern Kodak 35 rangefinder camera capable of colour photographs to an old black and white slow speed wet-plate camera.

Today, the Kodak 35 rangefinder camera is worth about $20 at best while the wet plate camera, tripod, and brass lens – if you can find them – would be very valuable. Ironic. The Kodak 35 rangefinder camera was the American war-time answer to the German Leica and lasted from 1940-1951. It was a fixed lens camera with various f/3.5 Kodak lenses and shutters.

Thanks to George Dunbar for sourcing this lovely old advertisement. A step back in time indeed!

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