embrace the negative

using the light table – J P Moczulski

Toronto. Yesterday in “tools of the trade” I commented on darkroom needs for film. To my delight, Saturday morning’s Globe featured an article on discovering the virtues of film and chemistry once again. The article by Kate Taylor “introduces her son to old-fashioned film-and-chemical photography – and returns to the slow joy of analog”. Along the way the article is illustrated by some Ryerson students shot by J.P. MOCZULSKI and other photos by  our past speaker, ROBERT BURLEY (type his last name in our site’s Search box on the top right of the page to see a list of references to Robert Burley).

Oh, yes, and at our photographica-fair being held in a week (Sunday, May 27th) you can find many items suitable for film processing. Drop by and see! Lots of parkings and students with ID get in for free …

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