PHSC News 18-1 for May 2018

Vlog Tripod –
smartphone, lights, mic

Toronto. As we come to the start of this fiscal year, News editor Sonja Pushchak has released the first of this year’s tasty pdf newsletters.  The front page is titled Fit Necessity – replacing the strenuous jobs of over a century ago with exercises and the evolution of printing and photography to distribute the exercises to the masses.

Page 2 reviews our speaker for this month, Dr Anthony Bannon and his topic “The Taking of Niagara: Photography at the Falls”.

The column Photo Book 101 addresses a few of the various cases and mats in the mid 1800s. Photos with Fix addresses the topic of Softening the Science of Photography, while Equipment Review covers the tale of Eyeballing the Magnetic Kodak Retina.

This issue wraps up with a couple more columns, announcements of PHSC events, and the Classifieds. 11 pages of delightful and thought provoking reading. Click here or the icon of the Gorilla Pod to read or print.

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