it’s always an attraction

Toronto. Niagara Falls. Such a world-wide attraction.Even studios used the falls as a picture on a backdrop. The roar of the falls is very evident when you visit in person.

The Ontario side has beautiful park lands and attractions. Sleazier attractions and accommodations pepper the nearby streets of the town. I took colour slides in 1975 showing a close view of the horse-shoe falls, the crowds of visitors, and the park setting.

This story in the June 6, 1949 issue of the American magazine LIFE touted the history of the falls which is shared by the US and Canada. Typically, the American side focussed on industry over parks and beauty. Tight rope walkers traversed the falls from the American side to the Canadian side. Have a look and enjoy the days when citizens of both nations could casually wander across the international border unencumbered.


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