PHSC News 17-10 for April 2018

Say Cheese!

Toronto. Another magnificent theme based issue of our favourite newsletter went out this morning to all who are on our list (just drop me an email to join).

The wacky little (really little) digital camera looks like a wedge of cheese, but it works. This is Sonja’s April Fool’s issue so be careful what you read …

Movie Star Bettie Page starts this issue in “Risk Appraisal” while page 2 covers our two delightful speakers this month. page 3 and PHOTO BOOK 101 discusses the work of Victorian Samuel Overton Boring. …

Next is a poster for the coming Camera Fair on May 27, 2018. This is followed by an article called “Photos before Fix” in which Sonja considers “Witchcraft versus the Non-Disclosure Agreement”. Meantime, our PHSC Labs and Mr Bridge debate the virtues of solar-powered meters to match battery-less film cameras of years past.

This is followed by the ever popular WEB LINKS column and Louise has found some doozies this time! We wrap up with PHSC Talks, Ask Phinny, and THE CLASSIFIEDS. Click here or on the cheesy camera above to read and print this issue.


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