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USA. Reno, Nevada. 1960. Film set of “The Misfits” by John HUSTON, with US actors Marilyn MONROE, Clark GABLE, Montgomery CLIFT and Eli WALLACH and writer Arthur MILLER.

Toronto. Our favourite education editor, Rita Godlevskis at PhotoED magazine always has an exciting perspective which shows in her magazine.

Rita recently sent me this PHOTO EVENT HOT LIST! If you would like to join Rita and the gang on April 20th at our city’s HotDocs, drop her an email.

Rita says, “Our friends at HotDocs CINEMA in T.O have a few tix to share with friends of PhotoED for the Friday, April 20, 6:45pm screening Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum.

“Founded in 1947 by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, Magnum Photos is an elite photo cooperative that has produced some of the most memorable images of our times. On its 70th anniversary, Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum chronicles the agency’s unique relationship with the world of film.

“Over the decades, Magnum’s on set photography has immortalized such classics as Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious and countless stars including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Winslet.

“Discover the previously untold stories of Hollywood’s most iconic photos and get an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the magic of cinema in the making.”

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