a child’s camera for Christmas

A contact 127 snap c1949

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sent me an email the other day that got me thinking of my childhood. Like the Ansco Panda, Kodak’s Baby Brownie was targeted at children, especially around Christmas and birthdays.

When I was in grade six, I took a school bus trip on a day outing. Accompanying me was my new Baby Brownie. The little box camera took 127 film and I tracked down the fastest black and white film of the day – Kodak Super XX. I should have stuck with Verichrome! None of my indoor snaps came out needless to say since the camera was about f/16 at 1/25th second and free of any features like a flash gun.

At least the trip was exciting, so much so I was almost left behind on the return trip. Fortunately my teacher, Miss MacGregor, was sharp eyed and responsible! She did a head count before leaving each stop.

Thanks to George for discovering this old May 30th, 1949 Kodak ad from LIFE magazine. Those were the days …

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